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Child and Youth Safety Training for Parents

Special thanks to 23rd Nepean Cobra Colony in Ontario for providing this excellent tutorial!

Child and Youth Safety Training for Parents

This Child and Youth Safety Training is part of Scouts Canada's ongoing initiative to protect youth in our program, by outlining expectations of conduct, training adults how to respond to situations where children are at risk, and by creating a culture of awareness in all adults that are present where Scouting events are taking place. It is REQUIRED for any adult to participate in an overnight event like camps or sleepovers. Please ensure that the adult accompanying your child to camp undertakes this training ASAP to ensure that your Beaver Scout can attend this event. You will only have to do this once for the rest of your child's Scouting career.

This is a new system this year, and there are some strange steps here, so please refer to these instructions. If your screen does not look right, or is missing the highlighted buttons, contact the helpdesk at

1. Start by creating an account at by 'Member login', highlighted here in the yellow box, and then "I want to be a Scout" in the second screen red box.

2. On this screen, complete the form, and submit.

3. Now it shows that you have created a record for an individual, and it prompts you to login. This is where it gets weird. Instead of entering the password you just created, go to the 'Request new Password" tab, complete, and submit.

4. You will receive an e-mail with your new password. Use it to login. This is a temporary password, so be sure to change your password once you are logged in.

5. Now you can find a TRAINING button at the top, highlighted here in yellow.

6. You are redirected to the training site. Login to training by using the link highlighted here in red: E-learning login. It links automatically to your myscouts account, so all you have to do is push the button. Please read the information in the big red box very carefully, as it contains tips to ensure that your e-learning runs smoothly, and is recorded properly on completion.

7. You are now on your training page. If you do not see "Orientation", select the "Training Catalogue" tab highlighted here. If you already see "Orientation", click on the ARROW beside "Training Catalogue" (small red box) to expand the training catalogue.

8. In the Training Catalogue, click down until you get to "Child and Youth Safety". It should say "You are enrolled in this course." If it does not, your button may say "Enroll". In that case, click "Enroll". Now click "View". Then, the "Open" button on the training module.


9. Training will open in a new frame. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your training completes, and is properly recorded.

10. I'd highly recommend taking and saving screenshots anytime it says you've completed a module. Please make sure your name is in the frame.

11. If you encounter ANY difficulties, please contact the helpdesk at:

Special thanks to 23rd Nepean Cobra Colony in Ontario for providing this excellent tutorial!

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