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Cub Scouts

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View the full Cub Scout Event Calendar

Cub Scout Meetings

Regular Meeting Time & Place

Our Cub Scouts meets on Wednesday nights from 7:15pm to 8:30pm at Memorial United Church on 13 Church Road in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Pick Up and Drop Off

For safety reasons, please do not drop off your child any earlier than 7:05pm. When you are dropping off your child, please bring them into the meeting space and ensure that a leader is aware your child has arrived. If someone else is going to be picking up your child aside from yourself, please let the leader know.

Please come inside the meeting space promptly at 8:30pm to pick up your child. We will not allow your child to leave the meeting space unless we know you are there, so it is important that you come inside.

Outings & Special Events

We do our best to arrange for at least one meeting every month to be outside the usual meeting place. Most of the time these outings will fall on the same day at the same time as our regular meetings, but occasionally there will be changes to the time and day. Our leaders will contact you through email to let you know of any outings or special events, and we will also have information posted on our events calendar.

Clothing for Meetings

Cub Scouts should arrive at the meeting facility wearing their full uniform. Our sponsor, the Memorial United Church, also insists that outside footwear cannot be worn inside the gym, so it is essential that your Cub Scout comes with a pair of indoor shoes. Please make sure each part of your child's uniform has their name written on it in permanent marker. Hats, scarves and woggles often fall off, and it is difficult to figure out which article belongs to which Cub Scout without a name on it.

Toys, electronics, gum and outside food or drink are not permitted at Cub Scout meetings, outings or camp.


The registration fee that you pay to enroll your child in Cub Scouts goes directly to Scouts Canada to cover the costs of running the national program, maintaining camps and property, and providing groups with insurance. Our group does not retain any portion of that registration fee. We rely on our four fundraisers and on dues collected at each meeting. The dues helps offset the cost of craft supplies, snacks, badges and outings

We ask that you send your child with $1-2 each meeting (including outings) as dues so we can continue to deliver the best possible program.

We do not collect dues at camp, at fundraising events (like Apple Day), at our Christmas party or at our year-end banquet.

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