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Beaver Scouts

Beaver Scouts Uniform

Click here to see where your Beaver Scout's badges are to be placedScouts Canada is a uniformed organization. The uniform helps build a feeling of belonging, pride and self-discipline. A full and complete uniform is required for all Beaver Scout activities unless indicated otherwise. Please make sure each part of your child's uniform has their name written on it in permanent marker. Hats, scarves and woggles often fall off, and it is difficult to figure out which article belongs to which Beaver Scout without a name on it.

Our Beaver Scouts wear a brown vest and a brown and blue hat, with a brown, blue or white tail on the back. These colours symbolize colours of nature; brown for the earth and the Beaver's fur coat, blue for the clear sky and the fresh sparkling water, and white for the moon and the stars. The Beaver Scout vest will have the group crest, and area crest on it as well as a lodge patch. All of these will also be provided by the Beaver Leaders.

The colour of the tail is determined by the age of the Beaver Scout and will be provided by the Beaver Leaders. Our first year Beaver Scouts have brown tails, second year have blue tails, and third year have white tails. Halfway through a white tail Beaver Scouts third year they will receive a yellow lightning bolt for their tail which symbolizes their readiness for the Cub Scout program. Once white tails have received their yellow lightning bolt they will be welcome to attend the occasional cub scout meeting, outing, or camp providing they continue to attend their regular Beaver Scout Meetings.

Beaver Scouts should wear footwear that is appropriate for the activity. In addition, Beaver Scouts are required to wear indoor running shoes while involved in indoor activities. You will not be allowed to participate in sock feet for safety reasons, and wet boots ruin the fun for everyone and are prohibited by our sponsor, the Memorial United Church.

Click here to see where your Beaver Scout's badges are to be placed.

Purchasing Your Beaver Scout's Uniform

The Beaver Scout uniform is available from the Scout Shop on 15 Terra Nova Road, St. John's (722-0931). You can purchase the uniform in person, order online, or place your order with the group at the beginning of the year. The total cost is $40.97 + HST (prices subject to change)

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