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Welcome to the 4th Grand Falls Scout Group!

Scouting Mission Statement:

To contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Scouting's Mission is achieved by:

Scouting is based on three broad principles, which represent its fundamental beliefs. These include:

Duty to God:
Defined as, The responsibility to adhere to spiritual principles, and thus to the religion that expresses them, and to accept the duties therefrom.

Duty to Others:
Defined as, The responsibility to one's local, national and global community members to promote peace, understanding and cooperation, through participation in the development of society, respect for the dignity of one's fellow-beings, and protection of the integrity of the natural world.

Duty to Self:
Defined as, The responsibility for the development of oneself to one's full potential physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially.

Practices and Methods
Scouts Canada employs a system of progressive self-education which includes the following practices and methods:

A Brief Explanation of Co-ed Scouting

How and why Scouts Canada opened its doors to everyone

Excerpts from an article by Scouter Liam Morland, November 1998

There are two reasons why Scouting is co-ed in most parts of the world and should be everywhere else. Firstly, there are Scouting's Fundamental Principles. People are most familiar with Scouting's Principles as they are expressed in age appropriate terms in the Scout Law and Promise. DYB or Do Your Best is the best known. Scouting's Fundamentals are the beliefs which underlie all of Scouting. And one of the first things that one reads in the Fundamentals is that Scouting believes that discrimination is wrong. People should be treated equally and not put into separate boxes by the colour of their skin, their social class, their nationality, their religion, or their sex.

The second reason for non-segregated Scouting is education. Scouting is fun with purpose, the purpose being helping young people develop into responsible, capable citizens. Learning to work with the diversity in society, particularly with the other sex, is extremely important and represents the only way of really solving problems of harassment, family violence, and misunderstanding between the genders. In segregated programs, boys and girls learn to look for differences between themselves, widening the gulf between the sexes. In non-segregated Scouting, young people work together and learn that the other sex are people like them, not aliens from Mars or Venus.

Scouting is going co-ed, ending the segregation, for two reasons. Scouting believes that discrimination is wrong and that children of all sorts must learn to live together so that they can build a better world for everyone. Let's Do Our Best to make this happen.

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